Vegan Friendly
Over 70% of our products are vegan approved. This includes all of our individual vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as many of our best selling supplement blends.
Family Owned & Operated
Since beginning in 1965, as one of the first vitamin manufacturers in the UK, we've put QUALITY ahead of everything else. If it's not good enough for our family, it is not good enough for you.
We have YOUR supplement
You have specific health needs. We get that. With over 140 products in the G&G range, we have the supplement YOU need for YOUR health.

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Be mindful of what you put in your body

There are close to 6,000 supplement companies today, and not all of them are regulated.

You can't really trust a fly-by-night supplement seller who resells vitamins from China in his garage on Amazon.

But you CAN trust a family-owned and operated supplement manufacturer from the UK, who's been putting quality first since 1965.

All of our ingredients are derived from non-GMO sources. As we manufacture all of our own products, we are able to monitor all the ingredients used within our supplements, which ensures that we can guarantee what is in each and every supplement formula.

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We are Good and Green

We believe that quality is paramount when it comes to vitamins, minerals and any supplements. We believe that you should be able to trust anything that you plan to eat, and should know exactly what it is that you're putting in your body. Our entire range of supplements have been carefully designed and formulated to be the highest quality available in the UK.

In order to maintain our extremely high quality at a competitive price we manufacture our supplements ourselves - so when you buy from us you're getting your supplements straight from the manufacturer. Our high quality supplements represent a long stride on the path to wellness.

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Quality Matters When Choosing Supplements

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