How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally Without Supplements Or Vitamins

Casey Bautista

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is found in the human body. In women, it is present in very low quantities. Men have much higher testosterone levels than women do.

Testosterone is very important for the body. It plays an important role in growing hair on men's faces, making the voice lower, adding muscle mass, etc. This hormone plays an essential role in reproduction too. This hormone is vital for the development of bones and muscles as well.

Small amounts of testosterone are found in women. It is formed from the adrenal gland found in both women and men. This hormone is very important for reproduction, again for both women and men. And for me, this hormone helps to develop the reproductive organs and it helps monitor their function.

In addition to the above, testosterone gives the signal to the body to make blood cells. By the age of 30, the level of testosterone is at the peak in the body, and as age starts to decrease, testosterone levels also starts to decrease. This is the reason that after the age of 35, the muscles of men begin to weaken.

But testosterone levels can be maintained after 35 simply by eating right, and by eating certain foods that boost testosterone naturally. You may have noticed that those who pay good attention to their diet, their body remains healthy even after the age of 35. That is because the intake of a balanced diet keeps testosterone levels up.

Here are a few ways in which men can increase testosterone naturally: 

Reducing mental stress.

If you are stressed out, no matter what you eat, the testosterone level will not increase. So try to remain stress-free. You can use yoga to reduce stress, or another form of exercise. Getting outside can help too. 

Shilajit or Mumijo.

Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has proven to be helpful in making testosterone. So if you want to increase the level of testosterone in your body, then take good quality Shilajit.


Consuming coconut can increase testosterone levels. Actually, there is a good amount of good fat in coconuts too. These fats help in making testosterone. Not only testosterone, but coconut also helps in making other essential hormones of the body. If you eat raw coconut, that's even better.

Maca Root.

Maca root increases testosterone rapidly. This is the main reason behind its use as an aphrodisiac. Apart from this, stress is reduced by its intake, and that helps a lot in making testosterone.


Since ancient times, ashwagandha was used to get rid of problems related to sex. It is also used as an aphrodisiac, and a mood balancer. Consumption of ashwagandha reduces the level of the cortisone hormone in the body so that there is no hindrance in testosterone accumulation.

Maintain a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is meant to include all the nutrients that the body needs. Include appropriate amounts of protein, carbs, and fiber in your diet. Many researchers say that testosterone levels decrease due to a lack of nutrients in the body. Therefore, the necessary nutrients must be included in the diet, every day.

Pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which increases the production of sex hormones. Apart from this, pumpkin seeds are also rich in amino acids, which make neurotransmitters such as serotonin. These seeds also help in making testosterone. You can roast pumpkin seeds and eat them that way, or grind them up and add them to other meals.

Exercise is a testosterone booster.

Regular exercise helps increase testosterone in men with low testosterone levels. Exercise also increases energy and helps one get better sleep at night. In addition, exercise helps maintain weight and even lose weight, thereby increasing the amount of testosterone in the body. Exercises like weight lifting and intense cardiovascular activity is best for increasing testosterone levels. One might consider weight lifting exercises such as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and shoulder presses to start. For this, one should perform weight lifting exercises for 30 minutes, 4 or 5 times per week.

High-intensity interval training is another type of exercise that can actively increase testosterone levels. It involves a small, easy recovery exercise followed by a small but very intensive exercise. For example, one can do such exercises on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or swimming pool. One can do cardio-like exercises for some time each week, such as running, swimming, or other aerobic exercises. One should not do too much because it can lower testosterone levels if they do.

Allow time for the body to recover in between workouts. Otherwise, the exercise regime may hinder testosterone levels. One should always talk to their trainer to find out the proper way to exercise.

Consuming healthy fats is a way to increase testosterone.

Like vitamins and other minerals, the body needs healthy fats for good functioning. Omega-3s are healthy fats that help increase testosterone levels, so one should eat nuts, avocados, almond oil, fish, poultry, olives, and olive oils that contain omega-3 fats. Monosaturated fat directly affects testosterone levels, for which one can consume peanuts, peanut butter, palm oil, and canola oil.

Avoid alcohol to increase testosterone.

Men should not intake more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol per day to maintain a healthy testosterone count. One unit means 25 ml. In addition, men should not consume alcohol for at least two days every week. Excessive alcohol intake has a direct effect on major hormones, including testosterone.

Fish oil.

Fish oil is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are very helpful in increasing testosterone levels. Research conducted in 2016 shows that the intake of fish oil led to an increase in the quality of semen and testosterone levels. Therefore, if you want to increase testosterone levels, then fish oil is the best option.


Testosterone is an important hormone that influences many functions of the body. Therefore, it is very important to be healthy and to keep testosterone levels high. To maintain normal testosterone levels in the body, one should include all the necessary nutrients in their diet, and should exercise regularly along with that.

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3 Ways Fake Supplements Cause You Harm

Casey Bautista

Nowadays, in the process of body building, leaving one's native diet, and increasing one's shift towards fitness supplements, mistakes can most definitely be made. In the race of life, youth needs everything fast, and they want to reach their fitness goals as soon as possible. Fake fitness supplements are being sold openly in the markets, with young people wasting their money on these supplements, all while the victims of internal diseases are suffering considerably. But it is not that there is no benefit in taking fitness supplements. If you do a thorough investigation and take legitimate supplements made by registered companies, then you will get a lot of help in creating the body you want.

Why is it Important to Take Supplements?

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, minerals, and vitamins are all different needs that the body has. Muscles, strength, and stamina are very important in sports and fitness, and the above materials are like the building blocks of muscles, strength, and stamina.

Proteins, fats, cabs, water, minerals, and vitamins are very important to make all the parts of the body operate in peak condition. Protein and amino acids are essential for the brain. After exercise, all these elements are needed to workout again later.

We get natural supplements from natural elements like milk, casein, lactose, butter, ghee, buttermilk, vitamin D, A, E, calcium, magnesium, different grains like wheat, maize, millet, rice, protein, starch, glucose, maltodextrin, vegetable oil, vitamins, minerals, etc. But we can't get all of those elements from the food that we eat, hence the need for real supplements.

The Number of Fake Supplements is Increasing:

About 55 to 60 percent of supplements sold worldwide are fake, non-recognized, or unregistered. According to a report, the market for fake fitness supplements in the world is currently more than anyone thinks, and it is increasing day-by-day. According to doctors, fake fitness supplements contain steroids, they increase the risk of heart attacks, heart diseases, and other terrible diseases.

Fake muscle gain supplements and weight gain supplements. These are available on the market in powder form. Protein levels are very high in these, and at times these high proteins can prove to be harmful or even fatal. Protein from these supplements gets converted into fat due to excess intake in our body. Then, the fat is stored in our body in the form of cholesterol, which increases stress levels and can cause heart diseases, even fatal heart diseases.

Anabolic steroids. These are drugs that are injected and taken as capsules. The frequent use of steroids has adverse effects on male hormones and fertility, and men can also become impotent from taking steroids. Obesity has become a common side effect as well.

Chromium. This drug is used in weight loss, often given to diabetics. Chromium starts burning fat within eight to ten minutes. It causes a lack of water in the body, which reduces weight. But dehydration also occurs, which can lead to death. Good, ethical companies do not make fake supplements. Unscrupulous people make fake supplements in the name of companies and sell them to unscrupulous shopkeepers and greedy coaches. In fake supplements, like fake chromium supplements, weight gain and hunger-enhancing high-dose medicine are mixed together. Eating fake supplements like these has a very bad effect on the kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.

How to Identify a Fake Supplement

It is not so easy to identify which supplements are fake because the fake ones are always made to look identical to authentic supplements.

Trust Legitimate Supplement Stores

If you want to avoid fake supplements and avoid the fraud that is happening as a result, always buy the supplements from the place that will give you the proof of the bill and the authenticity of the supplement.

This does not mean that you have to go directly to inquire within the physical store itself. You can still shop online. Whenever you buy a supplement from any place or buy a supplement from an online store, you must research it thoroughly and know about that company by reading reviews, checking the stores credibility on third party business vetting sites, etc.

Check the Barcode

Whenever you buy a supplement, look for the barcode. If it is a real product, then there will be a barcode on it. Nowadays, some fraudsters are selling fake barcodes by pasting them onto the supplement. 

If you've already begun taking supplements and you suspect they are fake supplements, here are three signs to look for.

Testosterone Issues

Testosterone supplements and sports supplements are very popular among gym-goers. Known to improve your body's texture and muscles, taking fake testosterone supplements for too long can be harmful. Fake supplements can lead to problems such as mood swings, heart disease, dyslipidemia, or abnormal amounts of lipids in the blood and low energy. It also reduces sperm count and can cause infertility, further damaging the libido and causing gynecomastia (enlargement of the male breasts' tissues). Fake supplements cause many problems for the brain, kidney, skin, and the body's immune system.

The Weakening of Bones 

Fake supplement intake increases the amount of acid in the blood, causing osteoporosis (bone disease). In this case, the body takes calcium from the bones to keep the pH level normal, and the bones start to weaken.

Kidney Failure

If you use fake protein supplements as a protein shake, it can affect your kidneys because the kidneys will become quite stressed in controlling and digesting proteins. That can also lead to the possibility of kidney failure. Pain during urinating, bleeding when urinating, and vomiting are signs of kidney failure. Apart from this, kidney stones can also be formed in the kidney due to the use of fake supplements.

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USANA Philippines Named Number One Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Brand by World-Leading Market Research Company

Casey Bautista

USANA, a pioneer in the fitness and wellness industry, has been named the Philippines' number one brand of vitamins and dietary supplements. Euromonitor, the world's leading provider of worldwide marketing statistics, business analysis, and consumer insights, has embraced this argument.

This certification of Euromonitor's assertion is dependent on the current report. The study solutions from Euromonitor are there to assist in carrying conclusions forward. The analysis for this conclusion was conducted between April and June 2019. It will be in the Consumer Health 2020 version of Euromonitor. For one year, the conclusion is valid.

Aurora "Duday" Gaston, regional vice president for the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, said getting a claim like this in the Philippines is a tremendous achievement. This separates the company from their rivals and places them at the top of the industry.

For more than ten years, USANA has been involved in the Philippines. The corporate office opened at the Enterprise Center in Makati, the nation's business capital, in 2009. Another significant achievement for USANA Philippines is this acknowledgment from Euromonitor.

"In the Philippines, we are ecstatic to win a point like this," says Dan Macuga, chief communications, and marketing officer. "This is an excellent success for USANA, not just in the US but globally, winning numerous honors and certifications. Please visit to find USANA's full line of award-winning nutritional and skincare items." 

Dan Macuga goes on to say, "It would be completely great if you had enough of one to correctly use the other in the physique. In order to sustain healthy bones, calcium often needs adequate amounts of magnesium, vitamin K, and D. When looking at your food schedule, your nutrient intake, or even more importantly, the supplements you are taking, this concept is not different. Take the time to build the supplements you have tried and the changes you have witnessed in your body."

Several USANA supplements are intended to be taken twice a day, morning and night, unlike other "one-a-day" supplements. Lots of nutrients are water-soluble and do not last long in the body. Additional and consistent amounts of nutrition in the body are provided by taking these supplements twice a day. Chronic vitamins and mineral taken at levels exceeding LOAEL can contribute to overall health problems, but the quantities of vitamins and minerals in the solutions of USANA (visit their website for more data) have been formulated to remain below these levels. USANA goods are intended to improve, not be harmful to well-being.

Their goods were developed by an officially recognized U.S. company whose high-quality pharmaceutical products are considered to be better than comparable supplements. These supplements play a role in all physiological procedures and help control and manage the chemicals of the body.

To ensure that nutrition enters the cell and nurtures, preserves, and renews it, Usana has integrated InCelligence technology into their products. Typically, nutritional authorities assess the supported nutrient levels on supplement labels based on what is needed to prevent deficiency.

Most vitamins are developed to meet the minimum required daily requirement to stop rickets and scurvy. In simple terms, they are just "food-grade" vitamins. Most vitamins' nutritional value is not at levels of research that can help make a difference in your long-term health. Yet, the amount of nutrients used together is an important factor in your supplement option.

The relative toxicity of essential nutrients has been thoroughly studied, and when formulating its nutritional products, USANA has considered all available evidence. In 2011, also tested USANA's nutritional items, and they passed. USANA had to obey medication guidelines, FDA recommendations, and their products not contain harmful trace chemical compounds such as lead.

To put it simply? USANA makes health supplements and vitamins that are far more potent than the competition, all while making the supplements in a safe, ethical manner.

And how are USANA nutritional used?

By choosing the Important nutrition supplement that works best for you, you can start with a strong base supplement. The flagship product of USANA is USANA CellSentials. 

Depending on your fitness goals, add the optimizers, the USANA supplements that will target your specific health needs. 

Upgrade your breakfast experience by adding a tasty and healthier meal substitute shake, Nutrimeal.

How do I become a USANA member?

In all its 24+ nations, USANA provides its registered clients attractive advantages. First, begin by defining your goal of joining USANA. Ask yourself, are you in USANA for the object, the business, or both? Choice 1: Being a Product Consumer If your main goal is to take advantage of the member pricing to become a USANA member, the chosen customer program is for you. You will automatically get the member price for all of the goods available on your market by registering as a PC (preferred consumer).

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Vitamin D Supplements For Increasing Aging Muscle Strength

Casey Bautista

Like calcium and protein, vitamin-D is also quite important for basic health and vitality. It is fat-soluble and works by absorbing calcium from our intestines into the bones. Vitamin-D is both a nutrient, and a hormone produced within the body.

Vitamin D is essential for the body. It helps in absorbing calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate, etc. When vitamin D is deficient within the body, many types of diseases can develop. Vitamin-D is very valuable for general health and to keep bones strong. Along with benefiting the muscles, heart, lungs, and brain, the chances of infectious diseases are reduced when one takes vitamin D. Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin because it is produced by the body in response to sunlight.

Vitamin D belongs to a group of soluble vitamins. It accumulates in fat cells and is useful in metabolism and bone formation. It increases the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body.

Some Basic Information on Vitamin D

The first thing is that, its name may be Vitamin D, but it, in fact, is not a vitamin. Vitamin D is a hormone, something that helps the body digest calcium. The reason vitamin D supplementation is so important is because, we have no other way to get vitamin D through food (except for eating fish).

When the ultraviolet B rays of the sun fall on our body, our body makes vitamin D from the cholesterol inside. And that is of two varieties. The first is vitamin D3, which is found in many animals, including fish. When there is sunlight on our skin, this vitamin D3 is also made. All the experiences say that vitamin D3 is more effective. This is what happens in most vitamin D supplements.

And what about when there is no fish to eat and no sunshine to be had? That's another reason why vitamin D supplementation is so important. 

Vitamin D Supplements - Benefits of the Supplement

Even though research has not been able to substantiate the relationship between vitamin D diseases and health, there is no doubt that vitamin D supplementation is crucial for us. Those who have a severe deficiency of Vitamin D can benefit from supplementation. But, if a normal person gets enough sunlight, then he does not have to take vitamin D supplements.

How Much Vitamin D Supplementation is Right?

Taking 25 nanomolar doses of vitamin D supplements daily is not harmful. Experts say that even a quantity of 62.5 micrograms can be taken comfortably. But, depending on the person, taking that much vitamin D can also have side effects. Vomiting and dizziness may occur. Many times there is a severe deficiency of vitamin D in newborns who need supplementation immediately. Overall, medical science experts are divided about vitamin D supplementation.

Some advantage of vitamin D supplementation include:

Stronger Bones: 

Calcium also comes to mind when you hear about solid bones. An important player in bone health and enhanced bone density is calcium, but vitamin D should not be ignored. Prior studies have already revealed that vitamin D is an excellent calcium-deposition stimulator in bones, and that makes the bones stronger.

If you don't get adequate Vitamin D, the body slows down or stops putting calcium in the bones and gradually pulls calcium back into the bloodstream from the bones. Over time, this can weaken the bones and make them extremely vulnerable to fractures.

Expanded Muscle Function:

Not enough vitamin D could interfere with your gains in strength. This is per reports that there is some level of vitamin D deficiency in over 70% of men aged 20-29. In addition, a deficiency of vitamin D (particularly type 2 muscle fiber atrophy), is relatively common to athletes and is associated with muscle weakness and atrophy. It's just as harmful to skip out on this vitamin as to skip out on eating healthy meals.

Immune System:

Vitamin D also works to protect the body from infection. Vitamin D is also beneficial in increasing the body's resistance too. Vitamin D is necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and muscles. Vitamin D also helps in protecting against diseases like obesity and cancer.

Beneficial for Your Heart: 

Vitamin D is also beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease. To avoid diseases like diabetes, the body must also get the necessary vitamins. If there is a lack of vitamin D in the body for a long period, then the risk of obesity and inflammation increases.

Lack of Vitamin D:

When vitamin D is made by the body, then its disadvantages are not seen. When there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, then vitamin D supplements are needed. When too high of doses of vitamin D are taken, that can cause harm. 

When vitamin D supplements are taken more, the amount of calcium in the body can increase. When the number of calcium increases in the body, then it can cause a lack of hunger. Excess intake of vitamin D can cause frequent urination. Sometimes, an excess of vitamin D also causes a heart attack.


In today's time, the problem of deficiency of vitamin D is becoming very high. According to the report, 50 percent of the world's population is suffering from a vitamin D deficiency problem. Everyone needs 10 to 20 micrograms of vitamin D daily. For this, you can take vitamin D supplements. It should not be taken without consulting a doctor first though.

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Know the Difference Between B Complex and Vitamin B12

Casey Bautista

Vitamins are necessary organic compounds that the body requires in order to preserve good health. Vitamins are usually absorbed through food, because humans cannot produce these compounds on their own. There are currently thirteen known vitamins, (excluding other minerals in macro and micro amounts, and primary amino acids that are essential in considerable quantities). These vitamins can be soluble in water or insoluble in water. One such water-soluble vitamin is the vitamin B complex.

Vitamin B Complex:

Vitamin B complex is a water-soluble vitamin. When there is a deficiency of vitamin B complex within the body, the memory may weaken, and you may feel tired suddenly or you may suffer from depression. Even if you always try to take a balanced and nutritious diet to stay healthy, there may still be a lack of vitamins that might make you suffer from a range of health problems. Vitamins B Complex is essential in running the body smoothly. However, a vitamin B complex is a primary working factor for the brain and the nervous system. Lack of it can be devastating for a healthy human body.

Why Vitamin B Complex is Essential

The vitamin B complex enhances metabolism. It works by transforming nutrition into energy. The genes found in our cells help to create and repair DNA. It also helps in forming some elements of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. Our red blood cells are also created by this. It also works to make different kinds of proteins for all parts of the body.

What are the Symptoms of Vitamin B Complex Deficiency?              

Vitamin B complex deficiency can cause pain and irritation in the limbs, swelling of the tongue, memory difficulties, yellowing of the skin, feeling weak, difficulty in walking, unnecessary fatigue, depression, etc. If there is a considerable shortage of vitamin B12 complex in the body, it damages the spinal cord's blood veins. In such a situation, the person may also have a paralysis attack.

Sources of Vitamin B Complex

Often the question arises about what type of food we should include in our meals so that there is no shortage of vitamin B complex in the body. Although non-vegetarian substances have a rich amount of vitamin B complex, vegetarian people should pay attention to their food. Some of the primary sources of the Vitamin B complex are dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese, butter, soy milk, etc.

Elements of Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is not a single element. It is found in many forms. The number is mainly B1, B2, B6, and B16, etc. These are jointly called 'B-complex.' B-complex is soluble in water, much like vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining your body's energy. It plays a vital role in keeping your brain function, nerve function, and a healthy heart. It helps preserve the body's healthy red blood cells, and it improves their development. Your body has an adequate store of vitamin B12 that lasts for a long time. But stress, acidity, and the use of certain drugs may interfere with its function, so it can be absorbed quickly from the body. If you feel tired or if you have more pain in your legs, it may be due to the deficiency of vitamin B12 in your body. When you add chlorine to clean water and kill bacteria or drink boiled water, these substances may lose vitamins 12 from them. In addition, there is often a vitamin B deficiency in vegetarians and vegans.

What Happens When Vitamin B12 is Low in Our Bodies?

Hemoglobin levels are also reduced in people who have low B12. a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a substantial increase in total homocysteine concentrations. High homocysteine levels are caused by vitamin B12 deficiency, such as the cause of coronary heart disease and stroke. The combination of vitamin B12 and folate reduces the level of homocysteine. Its lack can also be lead to a cause of anemia, also known as megaloblastic. In addition, vitamin B12 is essential for athletes and players, as it can improve their performance. At the same time, the deficiency can also mentally show these symptoms, such as:

Vitamin B12 supports DNA and the nervous system.

Researchers have linked vitamin B12 deficiency to dementia.

A deficiency can also increase Alzheimer's and lack of concentration.

What are the Food Sources of Vitamin B12?

The primary sources of vitamin B12 are eggs, fish, turkey, chicken, milk products, yeast, seafood, cashew nuts, and sesame. Paneer, Khoya, curd, milk powder, etc. are good sources for vegetarians.

How Much Vitamin B12 is Good for Health?

A person with vitamin B12 deficiency can consume 2,500 micrograms of vitamin B12 supplements every week. Its absorption declines with growing age, so people over 65 should consume only 1,000 micrograms.

Is a large number of vitamin B12 harmful to your body? It is a water-dissolving vitamin, so it is also less likely to cause damage. But it's always better to consult with a doctor before consuming it.

How Vitamin B12 Levels Begin to Decrease in the Body

Vitamin B12 deficiency contributes to antacids such as pantoprazole, omeprazole, Nexium, etc. The diabetes drug metformin also reduces vitamin B12 levels. Problems associated with the autoimmune system such as small intestine, Crohn's disease, celiac diseases are also partially caused by vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Folic Acid - Why You Need it Before and During Pregnancy

Casey Bautista

A stable and healthy baby is born from a healthy woman. Therefore, you need to take great care of yourself in this beautiful period of life known as pregnancy. That includes taking care of the small body growing inside you. You may have heard the name of folic acid just when you've talked about multivitamins, but you may never have wondered how important it really is to your body. Doctors specifically prescribe this to pregnant women, and several other people also recommend consuming it during pregnancy. But do you know why you need folic acid for health during pregnancy?

What is Folic Acid?

Also known as folate, in simple terms, folic acid is vitamin 'B,' especially vitamin B9. Usually, folic acid is found in active folate form, present in dark leafy vegetables, in whole grains, bananas, oranges, etc. It is especially beneficial for the health of pregnant women.

Folic Acid and Pregnant Women

Why is folic acid so necessary for pregnant women? What is unique in this specific vitamin for pregnant women that makes it different from the rest? This particular vitamin is beneficial not only for your health but also for the health of your child. Folic acid helps to increase the speed of umbilical cord cell growth and protects the baby from birth defects in the womb, which is actually one of the main reasons for which folic acid is given to pregnant women. In fact, folic acid is a daily necessity, even women who are planning to get pregnant.

Folic acid and vitamin B12 work to build healthy red blood cells, necessary for good health. The lack of folic acid in women can be a cause of anemia disease.

Why Should Folic Acid be Taken Before Pregnancy?

It's recommended to use folic acid at the earliest time of pregnancy as possible to contribute to the growth of a healthy fetus, especially when the baby's spine is developing. The intake of folic acid can significantly reduce the risk of neural tube defects (NTD), the most common of which are:

  1. When the development of the spine and spinal cord is incomplete, it is called spina bifida.
  2. When the baby's brain develops very little, it is called encephalitis.
  3. Ancephalose, a condition in which the baby's skull has an abnormal hole from which brain tissues emerge.

Babies suffering from these severe defects usually fail to survive for a long time, and children suffering from spina bifida can be disabled forever. It is crucial to keep in mind that all of the above birth defects occur during the first 28 days of pregnancy, which is extremely important, as most of the time, women are not aware of their pregnancy! That is why most pregnant women should consume a proper amount of folic acid, especially if they are thinking of becoming mothers.

How Much Folic Acid Should You Take Before Pregnancy and During Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, for most women, it is not possible to get their daily need of folic acid only from foods, and that is why they may need a vitamin supplement.

Folic Acid Before Pregnancy

A dosage of 400 mg of folic acid is recommended for pregnant women, and they should even start taking it before they get pregnant to meet their daily needs for this nutrient.

A brief description of the amount of folic acid taken during different stages of pregnancy is given here. However, keep in mind that any supplements should be given according to individual needs, and you should consult with your doctor to know the appropriate supplements and their quantity.

  1. In the first three months, it should be around 400 micrograms
  2. From 4th month to 9th month, it should be around 600-800 micrograms
  3. When breastfeeding, it should be 500 micrograms

Symptoms and Treatment of Folic Acid Deficiency

The symptoms of folic acid deficiency may not be acute and may not be too obvious. When your body is not deficient, you may not see any signs, but that means you are not getting any amount of information for your child's early fetal development. Keep in mind that many of these symptoms are common symptoms and may also be signs of other diseases.

Folate deficiency symptoms are quite similar to iron deficiency symptoms. If you see any of the above symptoms, you would be advised to consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis before taking an over-the-counter medicine. Furthermore, a proper medical checkup can help distinguish the root causes.

Folic acid deficiency is usually treated by taking folic acid tablets in the amount indicated by your doctor. Also, incorporating foods rich in folic acid into your diet can be beneficial for your health. These include dark leafy vegetables, cereals, fortified bread, and citrus fruits. 

Foods Enriched with Folic Acid

Of course, folic acid supplements are available, but eating foods containing folic acid is also suitable for health. No supplement can replace a healthy diet, so during pregnancy, make sure that you consume both.

Since folic acid is heat-sensitive, it is essential to keep in mind that you do not cook excessively while cooking folate-rich foods, as it will destroy the nutrients. Folate-rich foods and vegetables should be cooked a little, boiled, or eaten raw.

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Differences Between Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins

Casey Bautista


J. Berzelius was the first person to use the word "protein." Protein is one of the primary three major nutrients for a healthy body. Proteins are made of amino acids, which act as the "building blocks" of the cell. They are needed to grow cells. They can be found in many foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and dairy products. Protein is a single chain organic compound that also includes a range of amino acid chains.

These chains create bonds called peptide ligaments and are one of the protein compounds that are very important for the health of the human body, as it is one of the necessary components of tissues and cells, and regulates various functions of the body such as hormones and enzymes. The body gets proteins from foods, and when these proteins enter the body, a substantial amount is converted into glucose. Glucose serves as energy in the human body.

Work of Proteins in the Body

Proteins are vital for body formation and are found in every cell of the body. Many protein enzymes catalyze, which works as biochemical actions and which plays an essential role in metabolism. Proteins are required for each cell's functioning in the body that play a role in carrying and storing molecules throughout the body, such as hemoglobin and myoglobin. Proteins also helps to repair cells and create new cells.

Symptoms of Protein Deficiency

If you are falling ill again and again and are undergoing problems of physical pain, that may be caused by protein deficiency, as this is also a significant reason for your immunity to decrease. Protein deficiency in the body reduces the number of white blood cells and may also reduce hemoglobin. These causes also reduce your immunity. Protein deficiency reduces blood sugar levels, causing physical weakness as well as fatigue problems. In addition, you may also be prone to frequent hunger due to a lack of protein.


Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed to support life. Meat is a frequent source of vitamins. There are varying criteria for each organism's need for vitamins. Human beings require vitamin C or ascorbic acid. But dogs, for example, don't. Dogs can make enough vitamin C or they can synthesize it to their needs, but not humans.

People have to get vitamin D from direct sunlight, (or as a supplement), as it is not available in sufficient quantities in food. That being said, once exposed to sunlight, the human body will synthesize it.

Various vitamins have various purposes and, in different amounts, are essential. A vitamin is one of the groups of organic substances present in minute quantities in natural foods. Vitamins are necessary for normal metabolism. If we do not intake enough vitamins, some adverse medical conditions may appear.

There are 13 types of Vitamins:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B12

A dietary deficiency can cause deterioration of healthy fats within the body. Signs and symptoms may include injuries, bleeding gums, runny nose, and sensitivity to heavy menstrual bleeding in women.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause nyctalopia and keratomalacia, permanent blindness if not treated in time.

Vitamin D deficiency is common as it does not exist in most meals, indicating that there will be a deficiency unless people get sunlight or manufactured foods that are enriched with vitamin D.


Without minerals, our body will neither be able to produce skin, muscles, tissues, and red blood granules nor oxygen reaches different parts of the body. The exchange of information between the brain and various organs is also due to the body's balance of minerals. Our body does not produce minerals, so they have to be supplied through food.

Our bodies do not produce all the nutrients that our bodies needs to function correctly. So, from our diet, we have to get those minerals.

There are two sorts of mineral nutrients, macronutrients, and micro neutrals. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, while micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. Although both minerals and vitamins are micronutrients, both of them are totally different from each other. Vitamins are organic and break down by heat, air, or acid, while minerals are inorganic and remain the same on their own structure.

Why Minerals are Essential for the Body   

Minerals are very essential for the development and functioning of the body. Minerals are vital for maintaining healthy and strong bones, teeth, skin, hair, muscles, and regular blood and nerve functioning. The foods we consume change in energy through the metabolic process.

Major Mineral Calcium

Calcium is the most prevalent  mineral in the body. It also strengthens bones and teeth. Calcium is also required for shrinking and expanding the blood vessels.

Problems Resulting out of Deficiency and Excess

Calcium deficiency weakens the bones and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Excess calcium causes discomfort, high blood pressure, and problems of appendicitis.

Quantity required daily for women: 1,000 mg per day, and 1,200 mg per day for men.

The diet provides many nutrients in the form of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other compounds that exist in our bodies. A lack of all these nutrients will increase the risk of infection, disease, etc. A healthy diet with nutrients and meals will develop your overall health and avoid illness. Visit your physician or nutritionist to assess your dietary requirements.

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7 Impressive Ways Vitamin C Benefits Your Body

Casey Bautista

Many nutrients are necessary to keep the body healthy, such as minerals and vitamins. These nutrients are primarily supplied by the food one eats. Whatever we take as food, our body gets these essential nutrients, including vitamin C. Sometimes a poor diet becomes the cause of vitamin C deficiency.

In this post, the effects of vitamin C will also be discussed. But keep in mind, medical advice is required for the complete treatment of any health problem.

Vitamin C is usually found in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. It has many benefits, such as maintaining the skin tone, protecting the skin from free wrinkles, and preventing the skin from getting damaged. According to research published, vitamin C is normally present in the human body, up to 1500 mg. The amount of this vitamin is seen as a deficiency of vitamin C when it goes below 350 mg in the human body. The condition of acute vitamin C deficiency and non-fulfillment is called scurvy disease.

The Work of Vitamin C

The main thing about vitamin C is that it cannot be made, rather, it is self-created within the body. The availability of adequate vitamin C in the body keeps your body safe from many diseases. It also works to keep the body healthy and to bring a shine to the skin. In addition, adequate vitamin C has the following types of benefits:

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin C can be considered helpful in heart health problems. In fact, research on cardiovascular health mentions that vitamin C can prove to be somewhat effective in reducing many cardiovascular risks. However, studies also found that the authenticity of the cardiovascular disease claims for vitamin C is not well known. Therefore, nothing can be said about the way vitamin C contributes to cardiovascular health. In this respect, more analysis is being conducted by researchers.

Reduces the Effects of Cancer

According to reports, the use of vitamin C can help to improve the unhealthy lives of cancer patients. In fact, vitamin C has the potential to fight cancer cells. On the other hand, persons with renal failure and hemochromatosis (poisoning because of iron excess) should only use vitamin C by the recommendation of the practitioner. The reason is that in these conditions, the intake of a large amount of vitamin C can also show some ill-effects.

Helps to Keep Eyes Healthy

Vitamin C can also be beneficial for the protection of the skin according to experts, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in vitamin C help to remove the infection of the cornea (a vital part of the eye through which light enters). It also helps in curing eye disorders such as Corneal Opacity, in which the cornea becomes blurred, and everything appears blurred. It would also not be incorrect to say that the use of vitamin C would be safe for the better protection of the eye.

Protects the Skin from the Sun's Rays

According to experts, vitamin C contains abundant antioxidants, so it protects us from the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays. One might mix a few drops of vitamin C serum or oil in sun cream and put it on their face. Vitamin C fixes the damage spots caused by the sun. It not only reduces facial redness but also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Helps to Control Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Research conducted by the American Society of Nutrition in this regard found that the use of vitamin supplements in a short period can show a positive effect in controlling increased blood pressure. However, the effect on blood pressure is difficult to tell when consuming vitamin C for a long time.

Research on diabetes control published on the NCBI website confirms that vitamin C, when taken up to 1000 mg per day, can create positive effects on blood sugar control. It can also be said that vitamin C intake can help in relieving patients with diabetes.

Prevents Viral Infections

Vitamin C can also protect us from viral infections to some extent. A research conducted by the University of Helsinki gives evidence of this. The research found that vitamin C can be helpful in fighting some common viral infections such as colds, cough, and pneumonia. For this reason, vitamin C may also be believed to produce combined effects in the prevention of viral infections.

Improves Mental Health

A research conducted on some students found that students consuming vitamin C had less anger, stress, and fatigue than others. They also experienced more happiness as compared to the average student. On that basis, it was confirmed at the end of the study that the use of vitamin C would both reduce brain tiredness and depression and improve mood, all at the same time.

Change in weather, harmful sun rays, pollution, and dust affect your face badly. Whenever you leave the house, the part of your body that is most exposed is your face. This may cause skin dullness, the skin color becomes uneven. Vitamin C is very important to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and maintain tightness. Vitamin C helps to create new blood cells and keep the skin bright. Not only that, it is required to repair skin tissue. It contains antioxidants that protect the skin from aging. These problems require the right nutrition to protect the skin. Antioxidants present in vitamin C increase collagen production in the skin and thus make your skin shiny and healthy. It prevents the symptoms of old age and also easily removes spots left by pimples.

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Vitamin C & D Can Help Avoid COVID-19: A Study at Oregon State University

Casey Bautista

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide, more and more firms, universities and research centers are conducting studies and surveys that can help mankind stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

One valuable study that came out recently was by Oregon State University. A researcher at the university claimed through a study that supplements containing vitamins C and D, alongside different micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins could provide a "safe, effective, and low-cost" means to fend off COVID-19 and other intense respiratory diseases.

Adrian Gombart is the name of the researcher of Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute. He, alongside his colleagues at colleges across the globe, said general wellbeing authorities should give a list of health-promoting rules (safety measures) to supplement the current guidance about Coronavirus. It can be anything from washing hands for 20-30 seconds to forestall the spread of diseases, or maintaining proper social distancing to break the chain of infected people.

OSU's studies were distributed in Aug, 2020 where Adrian said, “Around the world, acute respiratory tract infections kill more than 2.5 million people every year,” he further added, “Meanwhile, there’s a wealth of data that shows the role that good nutrition plays in supporting the immune system. And as a society we need to be doing a better job of getting that message across along with the other important, more common messages.”


Why Was the Research Conducted?

Gombart, an associate professor in the Linus Pauling Institute, is a Vitamin D and immune system expert who has been researching and working at OSU for years.

Since most people are not getting enough of these fundamental supplements through their food regimens, specialists wanted to encourage individuals to accept multivitamins as well as dosages of 200 milligrams or greater amount of vitamin C, and 2,000 global units of vitamin D to stay healthy and fight viruses.

Gombart is an expert in organic chemistry and biophysics at OSU, a pioneer in the investigation of micronutrients and their function in advancing ideal wellbeing and forestalling/treating illness. Thus, he took this responsibility with his team of researchers at the University of Southampton in England, the University of Otago in New Zealand and University Medical Center in The Netherlands to help a world that's dealing with a pandemic.

The panel of experts, along with him, looked at clinical trials, human studies and research papers before reaching their findings.


The Study - In Detail

Poor diet can lead to low immunity.

Adrian clarified that vitamin C can help in a few key areas of resistance, including the development and capacity of invulnerable cells. Also, vitamin D significantly impacts the body's reaction to diseases.

“The roles that vitamins C and D play in immunity are particularly well known,” Gombart said.

"The problem is that people simply aren’t eating enough of these nutrients," he adds. "This could destroy your resistance to infections. Consequently, we will see an increase in disease and all of the extra burdens that go along with that increase.” 

Consistently, the flu hospitalizes millions and kills several hundred thousand people around the world each year. Up until now, COVID-19 has killed countless individuals in the United States. At the time of this writing, 83 Covid-related passings and 2,127 cases have been accounted for in Oregon.

Gombart said taking supplements doesn't need to be costly. A multivitamin and Vitamin C and D supplements with the USP seal to confirm the measurements can be purchased reasonably economically — at supermarkets and medical shops.

"It's an investment that is worthwhile," he added.

According to Adrian, "The present situation with COVID-19 and the number of people dying from other respiratory infections make it clear that we are not doing enough,” he said. “We strongly encourage public health officials to include nutritional strategies in their arsenal.”

"Certainly vitamins and minerals help boost the immune system, and OHA recommends a well-balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables," public health officials said in a statement. "Although some, but not all, studies have shown a benefit for supplemental zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D in fighting respiratory tract infections, there are no data on whether they can prevent COVID-19 or be used as treatment," he says.

Gombart explains that the vast majority of people who are otherwise doing good, when they don't get enough micronutrients, can feel a lack of energy, body aches and fatigue. They don't generally observe the inadequacy until their immune system is compromised and they catch a disease. 

Thus, it's critical to get enough Vitamin C and D to boost your immunity and help it work at its fullest when it experiences a flu or other diseases. Make sure to consult your family doctor or a physician to prescribe you a dose of these supplements that's best for you.

However, notwithstanding their guarantee at forestalling such conditions, these vitamins are no "miracle cure." You still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, watch your diet, practice social distancing, wear a mask, and do other things required for you to be safe.

Adrian Gombart also says, "You're not going to take a bunch of vitamin D and all of a sudden you're cured of something when you have an infection."

The Conclusion

We have the potential to further protect ourselves from coronavirus by taking supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

Not just this deadly disease, but other seasonal influenza and other viral or bacterial diseases can be kept under control when resistant cells are getting appropriate nourishment.

Since current general wellbeing works most in focusing on social distancing, cleanliness, and a healthy living, there is a need for such study to come out and educate the population on the importance of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Healthy dosage of Vitamins and mineral supplements could help limit the effect of numerous sorts of diseases, including COVID-19.

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Foods & Herbs That Boost Our Immune System Naturally

Casey Bautista

A viral pandemic has hit the world once again! Millions of people have lost their lives to this deadly virus called Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19.

Almost a year has passed since the birth of this horrendous flu that has traveled the globe and forced people to sneak inside their houses and practice social distancing for months on end.

Since the virus is so deadly and scientists & medical experts all across the globe are still searching for the perfect cure, it's critical to strengthen our bodies from within and boost our immune system so that it's ready to fight or avoid any viral infection or disease.

In a nutshell, it's important now more than ever because we never know who will be the next victim of Novel Coronavirus!

That's why we've come up with this blog that lists 11 food items, herbs, and supplements that help humans boost and strengthen their immune system naturally. Without further ado, let's get started!


#1 Probiotics

Probiotics are all about keeping your gut healthy, which is the place where almost 80% of diseases take place.

A disturbed stomach function can cause a lot of issues, yet topping off on gut-profiting probiotics can have a huge effect. Microbe-rich nourishments like yogurt, lacto-matured pickles, and kefir give your gut 'great' microorganisms that can detoxify your colon.

Probiotics keep your gut healthy; and taking insufficient amounts of probiotics in your eating routine can make your immune system weak by making your gut dull and less active. Take probiotics!


#2 Ginger

Ginger is a time-tested, powerful root of a flowering plant that has cancer fighting agents. It has the prestigious capacity for supporting our immunity and gives us a boost of energy.

It's proven to help with cough, cold, and sore throat as well. The hypothesis is that ginger assists in breaking down poisons which gather in your organs; thus, it helps fight any infections or microbes.

Moreover, Ginger also purges our lymphatic system, another connection to the immune system.


#3 Echinacea

Echinacea is a little-known flower, famous amongst medical experts and health professionals for years.

Since this flower can instantly give your immune system a boost, some studies have also unveiled that echinacea concentrate can also help treat common cough and cold.

Echinacea additionally functions as an obstruction against rehash diseases as well. Thus, you can definitely try this herb to strengthen your immunity from within.


#4 Elderberry

Another sweet treat that helps build your immune system from the inside (and do naturally) is Elderberry. These splendid red berries have been important for restorative techniques for centuries. There has been research and specific reasons why people for years have trusted these for better health and overall wellness.

Elderberries have a wide assortment of medical advantages, however they are particularly valuable for helping your body fend off colds, hypersensitivities and different triggers of irritation.


#5 Green & Black Tea

Tea is a world famous beverage that people enjoy with their evening snack, (or at work to keep themselves alert and active).

Apart from making you more alert and awake, tea (especially green and black tea) is strong enough to take care of your body and boost your immune system. Your body will feel a rush of energy and you will feel more active after having a cup of either green (herbal) or black tea.

People of Asian descent often like to mix other spices and herbs into their tea to increase its capacity to fight diseases and boost immunity. It also adds flavor to the beverage and helps decrease irritation, lowers your cholesterol levels, and helps with the common flu or headache.


#6 Superfood Powder

Green superfood powder is a mix of supplement-rich superfoods that helps with weakness and fatigue. In fact, it keeps your energy levels high the entire day!

Studies and surveys have also proved that adding greens to your daily diet is useful for your gut, skin, and your immunity as well. That's because they are high in Vitamin A and C.

Usually preferred in powdered form, these superfood supplements are rich in nutrients that are fundamental for our wellbeing and health. Some people don't like the taste of powder, thus, they like putting it in their smoothies and drink for better immunity.


#7 Omega 3

Omega-3 is a fish oil supplement taken to boost immune response, not just to battle inflammation. According to several studies and research conducted over time, the long chain omega-3 fatty acids can help strengthen our immune system by boosting the functioning of immune cells.

These are basically the supplements that you should consider taking with your meals. Since they help with better heart function, better skin and hair, and a boosted immunity, one should take them regularly!


#8 Oregano

We all love Oregano on pizza, but little did we know that it could actually do any good to us!

Yes, Oregano helps boost our body's immune system. Oregano basic oil is famous for its recuperating properties and capacity to support our immunity from within. It is due to its amazing fighting properties that can fight various sorts of pathogenic microbes from forming in our bodies.


#9 Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most utilized natural enhancements in Asia. Why? Let's find out.

Ginseng is a plant whose underlying foundations, stems, and leaves all have powerful mitigating properties that can assist you in strengthening your immune system. It also helps in elevating protection from the danger of sickness due to flu or viral. Furthermore, this plant also has antimicrobial properties that permit it to shield your body against intrusive microscopic organisms.


#10 Vitamin D

Vitamin D, especially D3, is insufficient in most people today. Vitamin D is directly connected with our immunity. A few studies uncovered that vitamin D3 can help boost your immunity up to a level which can help us fight or avoid cardiovascular conditions, back pain, fatigue, flu, and cure many more diseases.


#11 Supplements

Last but not the least are the supplements of vitamins and minerals that fulfill the required amount of nutrients in our body.

Sure you can sit in sunlight for 20 min a day to get vitamin D3, but what about other vitamins and minerals? Also, sitting under the sunlight for prolonged time every day can increase your risk of skin cancer, eye sight issues, and premature aging. So, take high-quality supplements instead and boost your immune system naturally.

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