3 Ways Fake Supplements Cause You Harm

3 Ways Fake Supplements Cause You Harm

Casey Bautista

Nowadays, in the process of body building, leaving one's native diet, and increasing one's shift towards fitness supplements, mistakes can most definitely be made. In the race of life, youth needs everything fast, and they want to reach their fitness goals as soon as possible. Fake fitness supplements are being sold openly in the markets, with young people wasting their money on these supplements, all while the victims of internal diseases are suffering considerably. But it is not that there is no benefit in taking fitness supplements. If you do a thorough investigation and take legitimate supplements made by registered companies, then you will get a lot of help in creating the body you want.

Why is it Important to Take Supplements?

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, minerals, and vitamins are all different needs that the body has. Muscles, strength, and stamina are very important in sports and fitness, and the above materials are like the building blocks of muscles, strength, and stamina.

Proteins, fats, cabs, water, minerals, and vitamins are very important to make all the parts of the body operate in peak condition. Protein and amino acids are essential for the brain. After exercise, all these elements are needed to workout again later.

We get natural supplements from natural elements like milk, casein, lactose, butter, ghee, buttermilk, vitamin D, A, E, calcium, magnesium, different grains like wheat, maize, millet, rice, protein, starch, glucose, maltodextrin, vegetable oil, vitamins, minerals, etc. But we can't get all of those elements from the food that we eat, hence the need for real supplements.

The Number of Fake Supplements is Increasing:

About 55 to 60 percent of supplements sold worldwide are fake, non-recognized, or unregistered. According to a report, the market for fake fitness supplements in the world is currently more than anyone thinks, and it is increasing day-by-day. According to doctors, fake fitness supplements contain steroids, they increase the risk of heart attacks, heart diseases, and other terrible diseases.

Fake muscle gain supplements and weight gain supplements. These are available on the market in powder form. Protein levels are very high in these, and at times these high proteins can prove to be harmful or even fatal. Protein from these supplements gets converted into fat due to excess intake in our body. Then, the fat is stored in our body in the form of cholesterol, which increases stress levels and can cause heart diseases, even fatal heart diseases.

Anabolic steroids. These are drugs that are injected and taken as capsules. The frequent use of steroids has adverse effects on male hormones and fertility, and men can also become impotent from taking steroids. Obesity has become a common side effect as well.

Chromium. This drug is used in weight loss, often given to diabetics. Chromium starts burning fat within eight to ten minutes. It causes a lack of water in the body, which reduces weight. But dehydration also occurs, which can lead to death. Good, ethical companies do not make fake supplements. Unscrupulous people make fake supplements in the name of companies and sell them to unscrupulous shopkeepers and greedy coaches. In fake supplements, like fake chromium supplements, weight gain and hunger-enhancing high-dose medicine are mixed together. Eating fake supplements like these has a very bad effect on the kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.

How to Identify a Fake Supplement

It is not so easy to identify which supplements are fake because the fake ones are always made to look identical to authentic supplements.

Trust Legitimate Supplement Stores

If you want to avoid fake supplements and avoid the fraud that is happening as a result, always buy the supplements from the place that will give you the proof of the bill and the authenticity of the supplement.

This does not mean that you have to go directly to inquire within the physical store itself. You can still shop online. Whenever you buy a supplement from any place or buy a supplement from an online store, you must research it thoroughly and know about that company by reading reviews, checking the stores credibility on third party business vetting sites, etc.

Check the Barcode

Whenever you buy a supplement, look for the barcode. If it is a real product, then there will be a barcode on it. Nowadays, some fraudsters are selling fake barcodes by pasting them onto the supplement. 

If you've already begun taking supplements and you suspect they are fake supplements, here are three signs to look for.

Testosterone Issues

Testosterone supplements and sports supplements are very popular among gym-goers. Known to improve your body's texture and muscles, taking fake testosterone supplements for too long can be harmful. Fake supplements can lead to problems such as mood swings, heart disease, dyslipidemia, or abnormal amounts of lipids in the blood and low energy. It also reduces sperm count and can cause infertility, further damaging the libido and causing gynecomastia (enlargement of the male breasts' tissues). Fake supplements cause many problems for the brain, kidney, skin, and the body's immune system.

The Weakening of Bones 

Fake supplement intake increases the amount of acid in the blood, causing osteoporosis (bone disease). In this case, the body takes calcium from the bones to keep the pH level normal, and the bones start to weaken.

Kidney Failure

If you use fake protein supplements as a protein shake, it can affect your kidneys because the kidneys will become quite stressed in controlling and digesting proteins. That can also lead to the possibility of kidney failure. Pain during urinating, bleeding when urinating, and vomiting are signs of kidney failure. Apart from this, kidney stones can also be formed in the kidney due to the use of fake supplements.