Foods & Herbs That Boost Our Immune System Naturally

Foods & Herbs That Boost Our Immune System Naturally

Casey Bautista

A viral pandemic has hit the world once again! Millions of people have lost their lives to this deadly virus called Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19.

Almost a year has passed since the birth of this horrendous flu that has traveled the globe and forced people to sneak inside their houses and practice social distancing for months now.

Since the virus is so deadly and scientists & medical experts all across the globe are still searching for the perfect cure, it's critical to strengthen our bodies from within and boost our immune system so that it's ready to fight or avoid any viral infection or disease on its own.

In a nutshell, it's important now more than ever because we never know who will be the next victim of Novel Coronavirus!

That's why we've come up with this blog that lists 11 food items, herbs and supplements that help humans boost and strengthen their immune system naturally. Without further ado, let's get started!


#1 Probiotics

Probiotics are all about keeping your gut healthy, which is the place where almost 80% of diseases take place.

A disturbed stomach function can cause a lot of issues, yet topping off on gut-profiting probiotics can have a huge effect. These microbes rich nourishments like yogurt, lacto-matured pickles, and kefir give your gut 'great' microorganisms that can detoxify your colon.

Probiotics keep your gut healthy; taking insufficient amounts of probiotics in your eating routine can make your immune system weak by making your gut dull and less active.


#2 Ginger

Ginger is a time-tested, powerful root of a flowering plant that has cancer fighting agents. It has the prestigious capacity for supporting our immunity and gives us a boost of energy.

It's proven to help with cough, cold and sore throat as well. The hypothesis is that ginger assists break with bringing down poisons which gather in your organs; thus, it helps fight any infections or microbes.

Moreover, Ginger also purges our lymphatic system that also has connection with our immune system.


#3 Echinacea

Echinacea is a little-known flower, which is famous amongst medical experts and health professionals for years.

Since this flower can instantly give your immune system a boost, some studies also unveil that echinacea concentrate can also help treat common cough and cold.

Echinacea additionally functions as an obstruction against rehash diseases, as well. Thus, you can definitely try this herb to strengthen your immunity from within.


#4 Elderberry

Another sweet treat that helps build your immune system from the inside and naturally is Elderberry. These splendid red berries have been important for restorative techniques for centuries. There has been research and specific reasons why people for years have trusted these for better health and overall wellness.

Elderberries have a wide assortment of medical advantages, however they are particularly valuable for helping your body fend off colds, hypersensitivities and different triggers of irritation.


#5 Green & Black Tea

Tea is a world famous beverage that people enjoy with their evening snack, or at work to keep themselves alert and active.

Apart from making you more alert and awake, tea (especially green and black tea) are strong enough to take care of your body, and boost your immune system. Your body will feel a rush of energy and you will feel more active after having a cup of either green (herbal) or black tea.

Asian people also like to mix other spices and herbs into their tea to increase its capacity to fight diseases and boost immunity. It also adds flavor to the beverage and helps decrease irritation, lowers your cholesterol levels, and helps with common flu or headache.


#6 Superfood Powder

Green superfood powder is a mix of supplement rich superfoods that helps with weakness and fatigue. In fact, it keeps you high in energy the entire day!

Studies and surveys have also proved that adding greens to your daily diet is useful for your gut, skin and your immunity as well. It is since they are high in Vitamin A and C.

Best preferred in powdered form, these superfood supplements are rich in nutrients that are fundamental for our wellbeing and health. Some people don't like the taste of powder, thus, they like putting it in their smoothies and drink it for better immunity.


#7 Omega 3

Omega-3 is a fish oil supplement backed to boost immune response, not just battle inflammation. According to several studies and researches conducted over time, the long chain omega-3 fatty acids can help strengthen our immune system by boosting the functioning of immune cells.

These are basically the supplements that you would like to take with your meals. Since, it helps with better heart functioning, better skin and hair, and a boosted immunity, one should take it regularly.


#8 Oregano

We all love Oregano on pizza, but little did we know that it could actually do any good to us!

Yes, Oregano too helps boost our body's immune system. Oregano basic oil is famous for its recuperating properties and capacity to support our immunity from within. It is due to its amazing fighting properties that can fight various sorts of pathogenic microbes from forming in our bodies.


#9 Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most utilized natural enhancements in Asia. Why? Let's find out.

Ginseng is a plant whose underlying foundations, stems, and leaves all have powerful mitigating properties that can assist you in strengthening your immune system. It also helps in elevating protection from the danger of sickness due to flu or viral. Furthermore, this plant also has antimicrobial properties that permit it to shield your body against intrusive microscopic organisms.


#10 Vit D

Vitamin D, especially D3 is what is insufficient in most people today. Vitamin D is directly connected with our immunity. A few studies uncover that D3 can help boost your immunity up to a level which can help us fight or avoid cardiovascular conditions, back pain, fatigue, flu, and cure many more diseases.


#11 Supplements

Last but not the least are the supplements of vitamins and minerals that fulfill the required amount of nutrients in our body.

Sure you can sit in sunlight for 20 min a day to get vitamin D3, but what about other vitamins and minerals? Also, sitting under the sunlight for prolonged time every day can increase your risk of skin cancer, eye sight issues, premature aging and gives you unwanted tan. So, take high-quality supplements instead and boost your immune system naturally.