USANA Philippines Named Number One Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Brand by World-Leading Market Research Company

USANA Philippines Named Number One Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Brand by World-Leading Market Research Company

Casey Bautista

USANA, a pioneer in the fitness and wellness industry, has been named the Philippines' number one brand of vitamins and dietary supplements. Euromonitor, the world's leading provider of worldwide marketing statistics, business analysis, and consumer insights, has embraced this argument.

This certification of Euromonitor's assertion is dependent on the current report. The study solutions from Euromonitor are there to assist in carrying conclusions forward. The analysis for this conclusion was conducted between April and June 2019. It will be in the Consumer Health 2020 version of Euromonitor. For one year, the conclusion is valid.

Aurora "Duday" Gaston, regional vice president for the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, said getting a claim like this in the Philippines is a tremendous achievement. This separates the company from their rivals and places them at the top of the industry.

For more than ten years, USANA has been involved in the Philippines. The corporate office opened at the Enterprise Center in Makati, the nation's business capital, in 2009. Another significant achievement for USANA Philippines is this acknowledgment from Euromonitor.

"In the Philippines, we are ecstatic to win a point like this," says Dan Macuga, chief communications, and marketing officer. "This is an excellent success for USANA, not just in the US but globally, winning numerous honors and certifications. Please visit to find USANA's full line of award-winning nutritional and skincare items." 

Dan Macuga goes on to say, "It would be completely great if you had enough of one to correctly use the other in the physique. In order to sustain healthy bones, calcium often needs adequate amounts of magnesium, vitamin K, and D. When looking at your food schedule, your nutrient intake, or even more importantly, the supplements you are taking, this concept is not different. Take the time to build the supplements you have tried and the changes you have witnessed in your body."

Several USANA supplements are intended to be taken twice a day, morning and night, unlike other "one-a-day" supplements. Lots of nutrients are water-soluble and do not last long in the body. Additional and consistent amounts of nutrition in the body are provided by taking these supplements twice a day. Chronic vitamins and mineral taken at levels exceeding LOAEL can contribute to overall health problems, but the quantities of vitamins and minerals in the solutions of USANA (visit their website for more data) have been formulated to remain below these levels. USANA goods are intended to improve, not be harmful to well-being.

Their goods were developed by an officially recognized U.S. company whose high-quality pharmaceutical products are considered to be better than comparable supplements. These supplements play a role in all physiological procedures and help control and manage the chemicals of the body.

To ensure that nutrition enters the cell and nurtures, preserves, and renews it, Usana has integrated InCelligence technology into their products. Typically, nutritional authorities assess the supported nutrient levels on supplement labels based on what is needed to prevent deficiency.

Most vitamins are developed to meet the minimum required daily requirement to stop rickets and scurvy. In simple terms, they are just "food-grade" vitamins. Most vitamins' nutritional value is not at levels of research that can help make a difference in your long-term health. Yet, the amount of nutrients used together is an important factor in your supplement option.

The relative toxicity of essential nutrients has been thoroughly studied, and when formulating its nutritional products, USANA has considered all available evidence. In 2011, also tested USANA's nutritional items, and they passed. USANA had to obey medication guidelines, FDA recommendations, and their products not contain harmful trace chemical compounds such as lead.

To put it simply? USANA makes health supplements and vitamins that are far more potent than the competition, all while making the supplements in a safe, ethical manner.

And how are USANA nutritional used?

By choosing the Important nutrition supplement that works best for you, you can start with a strong base supplement. The flagship product of USANA is USANA CellSentials. 

Depending on your fitness goals, add the optimizers, the USANA supplements that will target your specific health needs. 

Upgrade your breakfast experience by adding a tasty and healthier meal substitute shake, Nutrimeal.

How do I become a USANA member?

In all its 24+ nations, USANA provides its registered clients attractive advantages. First, begin by defining your goal of joining USANA. Ask yourself, are you in USANA for the object, the business, or both? Choice 1: Being a Product Consumer If your main goal is to take advantage of the member pricing to become a USANA member, the chosen customer program is for you. You will automatically get the member price for all of the goods available on your market by registering as a PC (preferred consumer).