• 1 month's supply of high-quality vitamins and minerals
  • Includes vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin C, CoQ10, vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and a host of other minerals

    The Executive Revival Pack provides a 28 day supply of essential vitamins and minerals in easily manageable daily sachets.

    Leading a busy lifestyle demands optimum physical health in order to help deal with day to day activities which are very often stressful. Having to work long hours and not always having enough time in the day to maintain a regular balanced diet can lead to poor nutrition which has a detrimental effect on one's health.

    Each sachet contains the following supplements:

    1x Natural Vitamin E 400iu Softgel
    Vitamin E is a well-known fat-soluble antioxidant. It comes in eight forms, some of which are synthetic, while others are naturally obtained. We use D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate in our vitamin E supplement. This a natural form of vitamin E.
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    1x Vitamin B Complex with Nicotinamide 50mg Capsule
    The B vitamin group are water-soluble, which means the body cannot store them. They must therefore be a standard part of the diet in order to avoid a deficiency. Our high-quality vitamin B-Complex health supplement is a blend of the essential B-vitamins in the ideal ratio for the human body. This includes the six numbered vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12).
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    1x Vitamin C Complex 500mg Capsule
    Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a potent antioxidant. The body cannot store vitamin C, which means it must be a standard part of the diet in order to avoid a deficiency. We use a blend of pure vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) to form our supplement.
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    1x CoQ10 100mg Capsule
    Coenzyme Q10, known commonly as CoQ10, is closely involved in the metabolic processes that converts glucose into the energy that drives every process in the body. This is why it is so abundant in muscle tissue with the heart muscle having the highest concentration of CoQ10.
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    1x Vitamin A 10,000iu & D3 400iu Capsule
    Vitamin A and D3 are fat-soluble nutrients. Vitamin D3 is produced naturally by the human body when exposed to the sun. Modern lifestyles have decreased the exposure we get to the sun, which has made it more important to monitor potential deficiency.
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    1x Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg and Acetyl L-Carnitine 150mg Capsule
    Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that is able to operate in fatty tissue. This allows lipoic acid to work with the body to enhance the strength of other antioxidants within the body. We blend our alpha lipoic acid with acetyl carnitine to create a stronger antioxidant.
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    1x Choline 250mg & inositol 250mg Capsule
    Choline and inositol are part of the B-complex vitamin family. Choline works with inositol to use fats and cholesterol in the body.
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    1x Zinc 22mg Capsule
    Zinc works with the body, overseeing the efficiency flow of processes and the maintenance of some body systems.
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    1x Organic Spirulina 500mg Capsule
    Spirulina is a fresh water blue-green algae that delivers one of the most complete nutrient profiles found in nature. Spirulina was used by ancient cultures in South America and Africa for its dense nutrient content. It has a natural protein content of over 60%
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    1x Mineral Multi Capsule
    Mineral Multi provides a unique blend of 13 essential minerals within a single supplement capsule.
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    1x Selenium 200mcg Capsule
    Selenium is a mineral found in the soil. Selenium naturally appears in water and some foods. While people only need a very small amount, selenium is an important antioxidant. Selenium and vitamin E are synergistic. This means that each increase the potency of the other.
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  • EACH SACHET PROVIDES: 1 Vitamin E softgel provides:  RI%Vitamin E natural 400iu
    (D-alpha tocopheryl acetate)294mg 2,451%Sunflower oil106mgCapsule shell: Gelatin (bovine)155mgGlycerol62mgWater3.4mg 1 Vitamin B Complex capsule provides:  RI%Vitamin B1 (thiamine HCl)50mg 4,545%Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)40mg 2,857%Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide)50mg 312%Vitamin B5 (d-calcium pantothenate)50mg 833%Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl)25mg 1,786%Folic acid (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate)100μg 50%Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)50μg 2,000%Choline bitartrate23mgInositol50mgPara-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)50mgBiotin50μg 100%Silica dioxide19.8mgAlfalfa15mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose100mg  1 Vitamin C capsule provides:  RI%Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)500mg 625%Rosehip2.5mgAcerola
    (maltodextrin, acerola)2.5mgMagnesium (oxide)1.5mg 0.4%Calcium (carbonate)986μg 0.1%Rice flour148mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose100mg  1 CoQ10 capsule provides: CoQ10100mgRice flour400mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose100mg  1 Vitamin A & D capsule provides:  RI%Vitamin A (acetate) (10,000iu)
    (modified starch, maltodextrin, vitamin A acetate,
    sucrose, silicon dioxide)3mg 375%Vitamin D3 (400iu)
    (Vitashine, vitamin D3 oil (lichen extract,
    coconut, oil, D-a-tocopherol), arabic gum,
    corn syrup, silicon dioxide,
    sodium ascorbate)10μg 200%Rice flour141mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose40mg 1 Alpha Lipoic Acid capsule provides  RI%Acetyl-L-Carnitine150mgAlpha Lipoic Acid100mgRice flour230mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose100mg  1 Choline & Inositol capsule provides: Choline (bitartrate)250mgInositol250mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose120mg  1 Zinc capsule provides:  RI%Zinc (picolinate)
    - provides 110mg of total zinc compound weight22mg 220%Alfalfa30mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose40mg  1 Spirulina capsule provides: Organic Spirulina
    contains naturally occurring (SULPHITES)500mgVegetable cellulose (HPMC*) capsule
    (*Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose)120mg  1 Mineral Multi capsule provides:  RI%Calcium (bisglycinate)71.4mg 9%Magnesium (bisglycinate)35.7mg 10%Ionic minerals
    (sourced naturally from the Great Salt Lake)14.3mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose120mgPotassium (citrate)6.4mg 0.3%Iron (bisglycinate)2.6mg 19%Zinc (bisglycinate)2.1mg 21%Manganese (bisglycinate)571μg 29%Copper (bisglycinate)286μg 29%Iodine (potassium iodide)32μg 21%Boron (sodium borate)14μgChromium (picolinate)11μg 28%Selenium (methionine)
    (dicalcium phosphate, L-selenomethionine)11μg 20%Molybdenum (ammonium molybdate)7μg 14%  Mineral quantities stated are elemental values   1 Selenium capsule provides:  RI%Selenium (L-selenomethionine)
    (di-calcium phosphate)200μg 364%Alfalfa5mgRice flour505mgCapsule shell: vegetable cellulose100mg  Allergy advice:
    see ingredients in (CAPITALS)
28 Day Executive Revival Supplement Pack

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